Case study: On-Board-Courier

This is how the On-Board-Courier (OBC) Express Delivery with SameDayLogistics works

9am German time: urgent inquiry for an On-Board-Courier from Fuzhou, China to northern Germany. Production downtimes are expected in an automotive plant if the shipment is not delivered until 6pm on the following day.

The team from SameDayLogistics will immediately determine the fastest and most efficient flight connection. At 9:06 a.m. the customer receives the confirmation by e-mail. In addition to all the procedural details, the customer will receive the necessary contact details of the courier so that the recipient can also contact the courier at any time.

Shortest handling times for your On-Board-Courier due to an internationally established network

The next Express Courier is located in Shanghai and is immediately on the way to the airport for the next flight at 4:30 p.m. local time (10:30 a.m. in Germany) via Beijing. Our courier lands as scheduled at 18:30 local time in Fuzhou in order to pick up the shipment from the agreed upon contact person and to handle and finalize the export customs information. The formalities for this have already been prearranged in the headquarters of SameDayLogistics, so that a smooth operation can be guaranteed.

Maximum flexibility and a reliable partner for quick responses even in unexpected situations

20:00 local time: The courier is waiting for the scheduled departure, but the aircraft cannot take off. A storm in Beijing delayed the flight by 4 hours, and our courier will not be able to make the connecting flight from Beijing to Frankfurt. The team from SameDayLogistics does not lose any time and books the next available flight for the Hand-Carry Courier while the courier waits in Fuzhou on the tarmac. An employee of the airline, informed by our team and that we know is a reliable partner of SameDayLogistics, picks up the courier from the gate and gives him the new boarding passes for the flight to Frankfurt that was booked while he was waiting in Fuzhou.

Even short-term re-planning is not a problem for the team from SameDayLogistics

14:40 German time: Arrival in Frankfurt, import customs clearance and immediate transfer to the nearby Egelsbach Airport, where an air charter is already waiting to take the courier along with the shipment to northern Germany without delay, because the originally planned Express Transit with a transporter would have jeopardized the time schedule due to the delay in China.

16:30, Germany: Arrival in northern Germany with direct delivery to the automotive plant, the signature of the POD (Proof of Delivery) and immediate forwarding to the client - production is saved and the customer satisfied.

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