FAQ regarding the subject of Known Consignor

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What are Known Consignors?

The Known Consignor Regulation was a transitional arrangement until the introduction of more stringent safety and security regulations by the German Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics. Due to these more stringent regulations, many logistics companies expected delays in the handling of air cargo after April 29, 2013.

How can SameDayLogistics help you with this subject?

SameDayLogistics couriers are not affected by the revision of the "officially approved Known Consignors" - our couriers start immediately with the highest loading priority. Call us at +49 (0)6107-5051-25, we will promptly help.

How long does the certification process take?

Logistic service providers that were not certified by April 29, 2013 must undergo a certification process at the German Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics that takes approximately six months. In the meantime, there may be considerably delayed turnarounds and high logistics costs - SameDayLogistics can help you in the meantime by solving your urgent air freight orders.

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