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By hand - Hand-carry couriers for the quickest possible delivery of spare parts

The Hand-Carry Courier is the quickest possible variation of Express Transit Logistics. Hand carry means the most efficient, fastest and, most importantly, most direct link that lets you get your replacement parts and other urgent packages en route to their destination. Whether it be in the automotive, aerospace or electronics industries, or in the carrying out of a project in offshore drilling or in global shipping: Production downtime is highly cost-intensive, tightly calculated major projects in the construction industry can see red figures on their balance sheets, and contractually stipulated penalties can become overwhelming due to a lack of spare parts and the non-compliance with deadlines. The fasted of all solutions is the Hand-Carry Courier.

Under the supervision of the Hand-Carry Couriers - with full responsibility

Time-sensitive transportation is best carried out by Hand-Carry Couriers that are by no means "promptly" but simply "immediately" dispatched and are directly responsible for the shipment during the entire transport process. With hand carry, the greatest responsibility is required of the courier, which has the necessary routine and resilience for this task and consequently enters a race against time. Sources of problems are consequently avoided, particularly because our Hand-Carry Couriers are always present, watching at every possible loading process, and take care of the delivery notes, proforma invoices, bills of lading, on-board freight documents, etc. and thus avoid any delay.

Hand Carry - Reliability and Speed

Overnight was yesterday, Hand-Carry Couriers are dispatched immediately. The definition of "overnight" - the next morning (at the earliest) - SameDayLogistics provides a faster answer with the word "immediately". Within 10 minutes after receiving your order you will receive the confirmation, a few minutes later - your urgent shipment is in the custody of a the Hand-Carry Courier. With the hand-carry variation of emergency logistics it can be ensured that your downtime - or those of your clients - remain as low as possible. If an important document for the next production step is missing - the Hand-Carry Courier is the fastest, safest and most discreet delivery option for all that is pressing. SameDayLogistics - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - the entire year.
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