Medical Logistics and Transporting Humanitarian Aid

SamedayLogistics is your competent partner for medical logistics and the transportation of humanitarian aid

Whether Organ transports, Humanitarian Aid to crisis areas, person or medicine transports - SamedayLogistics got the solutions for all logistics emergencies.

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Every second counts during humanitarian aid transportation

Whether via On-Board-Courier or air charter, we will determine the fastest, safest and most reliable route for your medical logistics emergencies with a response time of a few minutes. We are available for you around the clock through our 24/7/365 emergency phone number. Our experienced and specially trained couriers monitor the entire transport process and a specially trained SAS representative is available in case of the need for care. We can also organize the transportation of relief supplies by helicopter to remote areas or locations that are cut off from civilization.

Rapidly reacting is essential, especially when environmental disasters strike; therefore, international aid organizations such as Aviation without Borders rely on SameDayLogistics for their transportation needs.


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