Medicine Courier

The Medicine Courier from SameDayLogistics via On-Board-Courier or Air Charter

In case of urgently expected medicine every second counts: with a Medicine Courier via Hand Carry or Air Charter by SamedayLogistics you do not loose time.

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Within a few minutes of your call, you will receive a written offer from the SameDayLogistics Team containing the fastest and safest route for your shipment of medication. In the case of regions that are either remote or cut off from civilization, the use of helicopters or air charter is possible. While you are still on the phone discussing the details with one of our staff, one of our specially trained Medicine Couriers is already on the way to your location or the nearest airport.

Your medications via On-Board-Courier Door-to-Door

Upon request, we can also deliver your medications from the airport. We can pick them up at a destination address and deliver them directly to the recipient, door-to-door.

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