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SameDayLogistics provides for the transportation of ship spare parts for your offshore emergency

The continuation of the journey of your yacht, a passenger or freight ship is blocked due to a technical malfunction? Timely transport of important goods or hundreds of passengers is at risk? You reside at an offshore location?

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We have a customized and fast solution for each of your offshore emergencies

Because we know that a delay or failure can mean a substantial financial loss and possibly the loss of customers. However, all conventional means of transportation and logistics are either inappropriate or too slow when it comes to delivering the necessary ship spare parts to the scene as soon as possible. The transportation of ship spare parts by SameDayLogistics offers a flexible, fast and reliable solution for your offshore emergency.

For remote and inaccessible regions we will find a solution and employ a helicopter or air charter, as needed, in addition to hand carry. After just one call, our team will analyze your situation and provide you with a customized quote, all in under a few minutes. Our emergency courier is always ready to go. Due to our reliable partners and an internationally developed network, you can benefit from extremely short handling times. Upon request, we can also carry out for you the pick-up, customs clearance and delivery to the destination.

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